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Backup Solutions

Multi layered backup programs

Backup Solutions in Kolkata

Backup Solutions & Disaster recovery

Secured combination of backup plans- Cloud, on-site, remote, off-site backup

Backup Solutions in Kolkata
  • Key: A comprehensive multi-site failover backup program

Your critical business data might be at risk. Modern cloud-based server, storage, and network infrastructure are constantly evolving, and it might mean that conventional old methods for backups are just not adequate. If your business is faced with a disaster scenario (flood, fire, or other disruption), we will get your complex systems back online in no time. Choose our cost-effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services. Our backup methods will help you reduce the risks and keep your business safe.

  • Automated Backups and Backup Monitoring
  • Fully encrypted disk-based backup & archiving solutions
  • Server replication & restoration
  • Multi-site failover backups
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • DR & BC consulting (Backup Solutions in Kolkata)

Key Features

Multi-Site Failover Backups

Secured combination of various backup plans (at least 2 or more services subscription recommended for optimum efficiency)

This includes:-

  • CDP Backup- Suitable for your budget, frequency, off-site policy plus your data size.
  • Cloud Backup- Schedule backup with self-service or remote control by our staff.
  • Onsite Back- Server replication and restoration
  • Off-Site Backup- Affordable large size data and multi-location solutions.
  • Remote Backup at Data Center (Backup Solutions in Kolkata)
Backup Solutions in Kolkata

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Our Disaster recovery plan is comprehensive and tailored as per your needs.

We excel in business continuity and our plans are designed to match your intended downtime time which you can afford in worst-case scenario. Our BC strategy has amazing features like:

  • Speedy Recovery
  • Customized as per your budgets and needs

Backup Monitoring and reporting

Couple backup solutions with IT managed Services.

You can couple backup services with IT Managed services for additional peace of mind. Our backup monitoring plan records successful backup confirmation and take necessary steps to ensure that you have a safe backup every day.

  • Backup Monitoring
  • Manual intervention by our engineers if necessary
  • Monthly Backup Reports
  • Constant threat assessment
Backup Solutions in Kolkata